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Introduction Moby Dick..... Song of songs for a wale

On Friday 13 July 2007 the Dutch premiere of the music-theatre show “Moby Dick…Song of Songs for a Whale” takes place on the beach of Noordwijk, a Dutch seaside village.

This ambitious show will be a highlight of the art and music foundation KunstKlank who have consistently built up a tradition of music-theatre on the Dutch coast. The show is inspired by Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick.

During this performance -full of music, song and dance- a colourful cast will take the visitors to Nantucket of the 19th century, shortly before the ship Pequod sails out for its doomed hunt for the white whale, Moby Dick. This is the story Herman Melville never told. What preceded the departure of the Pequod? The secrets and the rituals of this strictly religious whaling village, where a good catch has to be commanded with sacrifices, big sacrifices. This is a history filled with sin and strange food; a story about psychological pressure and doubtful honour; a web of fantasy, excitement, adventure and mystery.

The performance will be staged in a purposely designed whale theatre, which during the month of July will dominate the beach of Noordwijk as a work of art in its own right, and can be visited during the day. A special exhibition about whales, whaling and Moby Dick will be set up. Special activities for children will be organised, and literary program is also being prepared.

Herma van Piekeren is in charge of the musical production and Martine Zeeman is the stage director. Van Piekeren’s musical activities cover a wide scope; beside her work as musical producer of various music-theatre productions and Remembrance Day concerts, she has worked for the Dutch musical and TV producer Joop van der Ende in various big productions. Zeeman has produced several youth theatre productions, and has worked for the Dutch theatre companies De Appel and Het Nationale Toneel. Since 2002, under the name ZeeP (a conjunction of their 2 surnames), they have produced music-theatre in which elements of theatre, performing arts, music and songs are organically integrated and are staged in unusual outdoor locations.

Their 2005 rendition of the opera Carmen was set in a nature park in the dunes in Noordwijk and attracted a few thousand people in 7 sold out shows. This year the stage will be erected on the beach of Noordwijk between the foot of the dunes and the flood line.

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Dates of shows:
Friday 13 July 21.00
Saturday 14 July 21.00
Sunday 15 July 21.00
Wednesday 18 July 21.00
Thursday 19 July 21.00
Friday 20 July 21.00
Saturday 21 July 21.00
Sunday 22 July 21.00
Start of performances:
21.00 at the lighthouse in Noordwijk. From where there will be a joint departure to the whale theatre on foot (30 mins.) or per bike (10 mins.).

Considering the unusual location of the performance it is recommended to bring a flashlight.

Parking: you can find parking space at the ‘Wantveld’ parking (a 1 minute walk to the lighthouse). From 21.00 you can park your car there for free.

Bicycle arrangement:
When you produce your entrance ticket a 4 euro discount on a 2-day bicycle rental is offered by:
Mooijekind Tweewielers
Schoolstraat 45
2202 HD Noordwijk
+31 (0)71-3612826

Literature & science:
‘Under the Whale’s skin'
A literary 'whale-breakfast' with writers, biologists and whale experts, on Sunday morning 22 July, 8.00 AM
In co-operation with Bookstore Van der Meer Noordwijk, and Antique Bookstore Moby Dick Noordwijk.

Tickets: 10 euro (7,50 euro if you also visit one of the evening-shows), ‘whalers-breakfast’ included,

available at:

Boekhandel van der Meer
Vuurtorenplein 10
2202 PB Noordwijk
+31 (0)71-3613073
the reserveform

Kids Program:
‘In the Whale’s Belly’

A creative afternoon for children aged 6 to 12, with painting, drawing, stories and tales, will be held on Wednesday afternoon from 14.00.
14.00 – 15.15 for children age 6 to 9
16.00 – 17.15 for children age 9 to 12
A ticket to join in will cost 2,50 euro.
In co-operation with Naturalis Leiden (Natural History Museum) and Antique Bookstore ‘Moby Dick’ Noordwijk.

Church Service
An open-air church service in conjunction with the (United) Churches of Noordwijk will be held on Sunday morning 15 July, 10.00 AM, with the theme “Jonah in the Whale”.

’The World of the Whale’
An exhibition about whales, whaling and Moby Dick will be held from 13 to 22 July
In co-operation with Greenpeace, The Netherlands, and Antique Bookstore Moby Dick.

Press Event:
During the national Week of the Sea: on Wednesday 23 May 2007 at 19.00, in the Big Tent of the Week of the Sea (next to Noordwijk’s lighthouse on the boulevard).

Ticket Sales:

Starting 1 June tickets can be reserved ( 20 euro / 17,50 euro people under 18 ) at:

Boekhandel van der Meer
Vuurtorenplein 10
2202 PB Noordwijk
+31 (0)71-3613073



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Short Profile of KunstKlank

The art and music foundation KunstKlank organises high quality music and theatre productions, in which professional artists, performers and actors work together with young talent and local enthusiastic amateurs, in Noordwijk every year.
The productions stand out through the choice of unusual stage locations and an unusual, but accessible, joining of song, dance, performing arts and music.

By using this set up KunstKlank wants to enrich the regional choice of theatre, and give artists the opportunity to stage special projects. Through the cooperation with professionals, gifted amateurs and young talent are given the opportunity to gain experience and develop their artistic abilities.

New productions are created each year, where repetition is being shunned, and new angles and stage locations are sought each time. New auditions to select choir, orchestra and soloists are held for every project.

The stage locations are sought in the unusual spots of Noordwijk’s dunes and bulbfields, which enhances the strength of the production. They try to organically integrate the natural surroundings in the décor , and as integral part of the shows.

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